TASD Art Teacher Receives International Recognition

Dr. Elisabeth Eaton, Fairview Elementary art teacher, recently entered all of her students’ artwork in the Miller County Fair competition. All of the students participated and received recognition for their self-portraits. After the competition, Dr. Eaton was inspired by her students’ bravery and thought if her students were brave enough to put their pieces of art in front of judges, she would do the same by submitting her painting in an international competition - Camelback Gallery’s 5th Annual Portraits 2022 International Juried Painting Competition. “After years of being told that my artwork was never good enough, I stopped painting for a couple of years – I was heartbroken,” Dr. Eaton reflected. “Maybe one of the greatest gifts of aging is not letting people tell you what you can and cannot do.”

The categories in the competition were Best in Show, Award of Excellence, and Bronze Awards. Dr. Eaton’s painting received the Bronze Award, and her art will be featured online for 3 months in a group exhibition, as well as on social media, in Art Week and Art Base exhibition publications, and on e-blast. Dr. Eaton said, “I hope my story inspires someone and motivates him or her to never give up no matter how many times you may falter.”

Artist's represented in the exhibition are from USA, Canada, Australia, China, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Scotland, Turkey, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Czech Republic, Poland, Latvia, Malaysia, Ukraine, and Hungary.

Title of work - Redneck
Contemplation: A portrait of a disgruntled country boy neighbor whose wife just
left him.

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